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人教版八年级英语下册Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came单元综合测试题


Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came 测试题

一、选择题(共 15 分)

( )1、The boy had fun _____ in the water this morning.

A、swimming B、to swim C、swim D、swims

( )2、It was raining ______ when I woke up last night.

A、heavy B、heavier C、heavily D、most heavy

( )3、The policemen ____ the thief when an accident happened.

A、was looking for

B、were looking for

C、were finding

D、was finding

( )4、When we got there, they ____ a sports meeting.

A、had B、were having C、having D、have

( )5、When I got to the factory, the workers ___ about the film.

A、are talking B、were talking C、talked D、have talked

( )6、I ___ a letter when my mother came in.

A、write B、am writing C、were writing D、was writing

( )7、When you called, I _____a shower.

A、are having B、were having C、had D、was having

( )8、______ outside, it felt l ike midnight.

A、With light

B、With no light

C、With not light D、Without no light

( )9、The storm ______ many things ______ , but it brought neighbors _____together.

A、break, away, closer

B、broke, away, closet

C、broken, apart , closer D、broke, apart , closer

( )10、When he ____ , the sun was _________.

A、wake up , raise

B、woke up, raising

C、woke up, rising

D、waken up, rising

( )11、Jim, please help ______ to some bread.

A、himself B、yourselves C、yourself D、myself

( )12、-Shall we go to the concert this evening?

-_______. Let’s buy the ticket first.

A、Best wishes

B、That’s right

C、Good idea

D、I’m afraid not

( )13、-Would you like tea or coffee?

-___. I’d like some coke. A、Neither B、Either C、Both D、Each

( )14、Though his grandmother lives ____, she never feels_____ .

A、alone, alone

B、lonely, lonely

C、alone, lonely

D、lonely, alone

( )15、He was so ___ when he heard the __news that he got the first prize in the

contest. A、exciting, excited

B、excited ,exciting,

C、exciting, exciting

D、excited, excited

第二题、完形填空(共 10 分)

A little bay come up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was cooking supper and ___1 her piece of paper that he had written something on. After his mother __2___ her hands, she read what was on the paper.
For _3__ the grass $5.00 For cleani ng up my room this week $ 1.00 For going to the supermarket for you $ 1.00 For looking after my baby brother while you went shopping $ 1.00 For taking out the rubbish $ 1.00 For getting a good report card $ 5.00 For cleaning up the garden $ 2.00 Total: $ 16.00 Well, his mother looked at him for a while, and then she picked up a pen, turned __4__ the paper he had written on, and this was what she wrote: For the nine __5_ I carried you while you were growing inside me, free. For all the nights that I’ve sat up with you, fed you and sung songs for you, free. For all the tears that you’ve _6___ through the years, free. When you add it up, the cost my love is free. For all the nights that were filled with ___7__, free. For the toys, food, clothes, and even cleaning your nose, free. And when you add it all up, the _8___ cost of real love is free. When the little boy finished reading what his mother had written, t here were tears in his eyes. H e looked straight _9__ at his mother and said, “Mom, I sure do love you.” And then he took the pen and in great bid letters he wrote:____ IN FUL L. ( )1、A、passed B、posted C、offered D、borrowed ( )2、A、waved B、clapped C、dried D、shook ( )3、A、pushing B、cutting C、mopping D、picking ( )4、A、back B、away C、over D、off ( )5、A、days B、weeks C、months D、years ( )6、A、enjoyed B、caused C、collected D、proved ( )7、A、jokes B、wishes C、smiles D、worries ( )8、A、full B、half C、high D、new ( )9、A、out B、around C、down D、up ( )10、A、PAID B、SOLD C、SPENT D、BOUGHT 第三题、阅读理解(共 10 分) Tom saw an ad in a newspaper for a beautiful, modern bicycle. It cost $ 169, so he went to the shop to see the bicycle. The shopkeeper was very happy to show it to him. He watched it carefully and then turned to the shopkeeper and said: “There isn’t a light on the bicycle. But there was one on the bicycle on your ad.” “Yes, sir,” answered the shopkeeper, “but the light isn’t in the price. It is an extra” “Not in the price?” Tom said angrily, “but that is not honest(诚实的). If the light was in the ad, it should be in the price.” “Well, sir” answered the shopkeeper quickly, “there is also a girl on the bicycle in the ad, but we don’t offer(提供) her with the bicycle, either.”

( )1、Tom went to the shop because he__________. A. was interested in the bicycle in the ad B. wanted to see a beautiful girl C. was interested in writing an ad D. wanted to see the lights
( )2、When the shopkeeper said “It is an extra” , he meant ____. A. he would give Tom a light B. the light was not useful C. the newspaper made a mistake D. Tom had to pay more money for the light
( )3、According to the passage, what is not in the ad? A.A bicycle B. A bag C.A light D. A girl
( )4、How did Tom know there was a light on the bicycle? A. A girl told him. B. The shopkeeper showed him. C. He saw it on the ad. D. He saw it in the shop.
( )5、Which of the following in true? A. Tom didn’t like this bicycle at all. B. The shopkeeper was humorous (幽默的). C. The bike was bad and ugly. D. The shop gave a light to Tom.
第四题、短文填空(共 10 分)
time, proper , use, that, mean, late ,place ,little, spell, ready
Knowing the best way to study will help you to be a better student. By using your time ___1__, you can du your homework more quickly. Learning to study is not difficult.
The first thing to remember is that you must be willing to learn. It doesn’t __2__ that you must always like the subject. It does mean, however, that you must be willing to learn what is necessary to learn. Try to understand why it is important and how it will help you now and ___3__ to do and learn other things. Knowing mathematical(数学上的)facts will be __4_ in your whole life. Knowing how to _5__ makes any kind of writing easier. Sometimes the subject that you think is going to be uninteresting will because exciting when you begin to work at it and understand it more clearly.
Make good use of class __6__ to listen to everything the teachers say. Really listening in class means _7__ work after class.
Look around your house and find a quiet ____ with good lighting for study. Have everything __8_ before you sit down to study, a dictionary, a pen, and books. Reviewing the important points __9___ were mentioned by the teachers in class will consolidate(巩固) what you have learned. Reviewing the material that the teacher will teach the next day will help you understand it more easily in class and you will remember it longer.
There were many help you with your study. You will probably discover many others after you have tried these. The way suitable for you is the best.

第五题、汉译英(共 10 分) 1、最初,他不敢相信他所看到的。 _________ ________ , he couldn’t believe what he saw. 2、昨天直到 12 点我才睡着。 I didn’t _____ _____ until 12 yesterday. 3、那个男孩看了一眼他的妈妈,然后沉默的走开了。 That boy had a look at his mother then went away_____ _______. 4、儿子没跟我说实话,我非常生气。 My son didn’t _____ me the _____, I was very angry. 5、当学校篮球比赛开始时,他仍然在朝学校赶。 When the school basketball competition started, he was still ____ his way ____ school. 第六题、补全对话(共 10 分)
A: _________________________________________? B: I was flying a kite. A: _________________________ ____________________? B: By the river. A lot of children were flying kites there. A: ___________________________________________? B: Zhang Wei and Gou Zongsheng. A: ___________________________________________? B: Yes, we enjoyed ourselves. A: ____________________________________________? B: Yes, we took lots of photos there. 第七题、句型转换(共 10 分) 1、We can’t go to school because the weather is bad.(同义句)
We can’t go to school_______________________. 2、My brother is busy with his homework now. (同义句)
My brother______ _______ ______his homework now. 3、To catch the early bus, they got up very early. (同义句)
They got up very early_____ _____ ___ catch the early bus. 4、Both Maria and her mother caught a cold. (对划线部分提问)
_____ ______ _______ _______ both Maria and her mother? 5、My uncle has lived in London for three years. (对划线部分提问)
__________________________________ in London? 第八题、词汇(共 10 分) 1、I have made a ________(决定) to visit Jane this weekend. 2、Great_________(变化) have taken place in our city since 2005. 3、I want you to _______(提供)么 with some information about it. 4、How soon will your head teacher _______(回来) from Beijing? 5、The FIFA World Cup is so fantastic that a lot of people around the world are ________(疯狂的) about it. 6、I am too tired and want to have a r_______. 7、If you have any t______, be sure to call me. 8、We should believe in o_________.

9、Shall we r______ some money for the children in poor areas? 10、The concert last night wasn’t very good. Before it ended, the theatre was a_______

empty. 第九题:写作(共 15 分) 下面是 Tom 上星期日的一天活动统计,根据所给信息,描述他的一天活动。

do housework


wash his dog


ear a sandwich


play football


watch TV


sing songs